Alan Braidford's Biography and Portfolio

Alan Braidford explores how texture and materiality can inform the metaphysical narrative of a ceramic practice. Alan experiments with burn-out techniques and the use of steel as both a framing solution and a textural effect. A cast of archetypes; hermits, sea sprites, anthropomorphic landscapes and animal forms are staged in imaginary settings exploring a narrative concerned with such themes as time, memory and free will.

Alan attended Central School of Art and Hornsey Art College in the early 80s. For several years his main focus was as a painter, but in his early 40s he became increasingly interested in ceramic sculpture, finding in this material a primal alchemy that bridged the gap between life and the record of life.

He has exhibited in Cornwall and Devon for several years and recently completed an M.A. at Plymouth Art College.

Currently exhibiting at The Brownston Gallery, Modbury. (Has exhibited there over several years)
New Designers 2019, Islington
The Lime Kiln Gallery, Calstock. ( various commercial shows between 2008-17)
Art and Soul Gallery, Stoke Village, Plymouth ( approx `10 -11)
Flameworks, Royal William Yard (various shows between `08-`15) – need to renew my membership
Delamore Arts Exhibition ( Twice – approx `15 and `16).

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