Anastassia Zamaraeva's Biography and Portfolio

Anastassia's approach is heavily based on an intuitive relationship with ceramics. She started playing with clay in her childhood and this early exposure incorporated the material into her personal language. She also often uses techniques of free association when developing ideas to attempt to limit self-censorship. In 2015 she completed a BA in Architecture at the University of Westminster and worked in the field for several years before refocusing her practice on to ceramics. The themes explored in Anastassia's work are deeply personal to her as they are often born out of exercises of free expression. Recent works have touched upon mental health, the relationship with oneself, motherhood, and ancestral trauma.

Fronteer Open Juried Prize, 2019

- ‘Ferens Art Gallery Open Exhibition 2020’ (group show), Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, 2020 (upcoming)
- ‘Manchester Open’ (group show), HOME, Manchester, 2020
- ‘Stockport Art Guild 2019 Exhibition’ (group show), Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, Stockport, 2019
- ‘Symbol’ (group show), Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery, Sheffield, 2019
- ‘Fronteer Open 2019’ (group show), 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, 2019

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