Curatorial Statement

We support artists who place process and materiality at the heart of their practice. We are interested in artists who begin and end with making, rather than simply seeing it as conduit for external ideas. We value the haptic, the tactile, the gestural and the crafted. We are excited by artists who take traditional techniques and materials and innovatively update them. However, we are also eager to work with artists who create original processes and use new materials in their art work. We champion artists who look to haptic mediums & rework them to make cutting-edge contemporary art. We bring collectors on our artists' creative journey of transforming their plans into finished pieces of art.


Our core curatorial values are:

  • Process
    • We are eager to work with artists whose works celebrate the processes through which they were made
    • We are particulary interested in artists working in ceramics, textiles, glass, and wood work
  • Innovation
    • We are excited in artists whose practice is founded on an ethos of innovation and originality of technique, form and aesthetic
  • Skill
    • We value skill and manual dexterity and want the artists on our platform to be making works of the highest quality
  • Materiality
    • We are drawn to artists who place an emphasis on the specific mediums they use and the materiality of their artworks
  • 3-Dimensionality
    • We primarily want to represent in artists working in sculptural/relief forms

It is important that the artists represented by Creo Nitor share our values and are able to clearly demonstrate them in the plans for their work.