Emily Jefferis' Biography and Portfolio

Emily works between drawing and making, with a particular focus on the use of ceramics. Craft skills remain integral to Emily’s practice as she pushes her material knowledge to pursue an excellence of making. Her sculptural work primarily involves clay which she is drawn to as a result of its plasticity, tactility and intimacy within our daily lives.

Emily’s current work draws upon the materiality of clay to explore states of flux and growth. Pieces rise from the ground, shifting, morphing and reaching, engaging the viewer with their human scale. Along with her own body Emily looks to inspiration from botanical and geological formations, zooming in on the often overlooked or unseen, extracting the wonder and beauty and strangeness that exists around us. She investigates the relationships between the microscopic and macroscopic, as well as drawing upon both our own landscapes and the science-fictional worlds existing within our imaginations.

Emily (b.1992) recently graduated with an MA in Ceramics and Glass from The Royal College of Art, where she was awarded The Griffin Scholarship and The Eduardo Paolozzi Travel Award. She has exhibited her work alongside fellow artists in a range of venues throughout London, notably in the artist-led space The Icing Room and at Modern Design Review Gallery.


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