James Duck's Biography and Portfolio

James' story isn't that complicated or exceptional. Though he has to admit it is far rarer than he wishes it were. James grew up on the outskirts of London. His family didn't have much money growing up so he watched family and friends continually seep deeper into career despair. Every Monday morning everyone struggled to get up, to go to work and undertake a job they didn't enjoy for enough money to just about survive the next thirty days.

He remembers learning that it was social taboo to ask someone if they enjoyed what they did; because of course no one did and asking would simply expose that wound. He always found the idea of committing one's life to something they didn't love very upsetting. And his love was art. He undertook his BA in Fine and Applied Art and upon graduating was whisked away to the Royal College of Art to undertake his Masters in Ceramics. And he's been lucky enough to be making ceramics ever since.

James' latest body of work, influenced in equal parts by Scandinavian utilitarianism and oriental aesthetic philosophy, explores the didactic relationship between function and decoration. The work attempts to entrap energy through the juxtaposition posed by combining minimalist form and expressive brushwork.


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