Koko Li's Biography and Portfolio

Koko Li (b.1996, Beijing) is a Beijing and London based artist recently graduated BA Fine Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London, 2019. Predominantly working with chalk sculpture, installation, kinetic sculpture and performance, the artist explores her own body image, mind and surroundings as her art material. Her art practice crosses between art history, cultural difference, queer love and the complexity of interpersonal relationship.
In her chalk sculptures series, the artist is fascinated by the design, textures, quality, etc of the school chalk. The 8cm long cylindrical chalk sticks are designed to expand and vanish. For the artist, instead of writing with it she engraves her stories into the chalk and treats it as the canvas. Chalks can be hard as rocks, yet can also be soft and fragile at the same time. There is a fine line between the chalk’s material’s stability. The artist keeps pushing the limit of the material as well as herself. The process of sculpting is a process of the artist communicating with the material. It is the artist’s conscious analysis as well as emotional catharsis. The sculpture carries both rational decisions and irrational emotions. The hands leads the mind and, mind leads the hands.
In her chalk sculptures series ‘Fossils in Chalk’ the artist explored the complexity of interpersonal relationship between parents and kids; lovers; friends; peers and self to self. The sculptures are seen as a package of complex emotions rather than a narrative story telling.
In her recent work ‘Untitled (up and down and up),’ the large installation explores the different forms of school chalk(sculpted, crushed, digitalised), the artist discusses art history by studying art objects/subject from prehistorical art to todays contemporary art.


Goldsmiths University of London Degree Show - Ben Pimlott Building, London UK, June 2019: Large installation ‘Untitled’(up and down and up), 2019 and collaborative performance series ‘Untitled’(balancing), 2019.

Group exhibition ‘Expect Me Baby, One More Time’ at Goldsmiths University, Laure Grove Baths, London UK, March 2018: Sculpture ‘Percolation in Soil, 归’ and kinetic sculpture ‘Ang pag-ibig ko sa iyo’y lagi mong kasama, 当你 ⽼了’ .

Solo Exhibition ‘Fossils in Chalk’ 310 New Cross Road, London UK, May 2017: 21 chalk sculptures.

Group exhibition ‘A-OK Mindroll’ St. James Annexe, London UK, 2015:  ‘Untitled’ digital performing installation. 

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